2023 Gooding Amelia Island Sale (RUF Cars Announced)

Gooding announced four RUF cars, including a Turbo R, Turbo R Cabriolet, BTR2, and RK Coupe, for the Amelia Island 2023 classic car auction.

RUF Cars Collection at at Gooding Amelia Island 2023
© Gooding

The RUF//The Collection, a set of four exciting RUF automobiles, including a 1998 RUF Turbo R, a unique 1998 RUF Turbo R Cabriolet, a 1997 RUF BTR2, and a 2007 RUF RK Coupe, are early lead cars announced for the Gooding 2023 Amelia Island Auction in Florida, USA.

Gooding Amelia Island 2023 Auction

Gooding & Company: Amelia Island Auction on March 3, 2023, at the Racquet Park, Omni Amelia Island Resort, Florida, USA. Gooding is skipping Scottsdale, Arizona, in January 2023 but traditionally performed strongly at Amelia Island.

In 2023, Gooding achieved a record $72,676,1888 by selling 148 of 155 lots for a 95% sell-through rate. The 1962 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider sold for $18,045,000 to set a new Amelia Island classic car auction record.

Gooding Amelia Island Classic Car Auction Results 2016 – 2024:

YearEarnings — % Sell-Through — Car Lots Sold
2024$67,342,270 — 87% — 111 of 127 lots
2023Record $72,676,1888 — 95% — 148 of 155 lots
2022$69,209,480 — 94% — 93 of 99 lots
20212021, Gooding held an online auction in place of the regular Amelia Island sale.
2020$20,785,080 — 93% — 83 of 89 lots
2019$22 million — 88% — 78 of 89 lots
2018$35.5 million — 94% — 81 of 86 lots
2017$30.5 million — 78% — 69 of 88 lots
2016$60 million — 87%
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RUF//The Collection at Gooding Amelia Island 2023 Sale

Gooding & Company frequently had success with Porsche cars at Amelia Island auctions but in 2022 also set the world record for all RUF automobiles ever sold at auction. In 2023, Gooding hopes to build further on this record by offering RUF//The Collection consisting of four exceedingly rare RUF automobiles.

The legendary Ruf Automobile GmbH was founded in 1939 by Alois Ruf Sr. as a general and automotive repair workshop. In 1974, Alois Ruf Jr. took over the marque following his father’s passing and shifted its focus to modifying and building Porsche-based automobiles. In 1981, RUF became an official German automobile manufacturer, with cars built in-house bearing the all-important W09 VIN prefix. Ever since the family name has become synonymous with some of the finest performing custom-built and modified Porsche-bodied vehicles available worldwide.  

“In recent years, collectors have begun to recognize the significance of the RUF marque, particularly the W09-serial numbered cars built in-house in Pfaffenhausen. Not only are these cars extremely rare, but they also exemplify the exceptional attention to detail and engineering excellence that have become synonymous with RUF,” states David Brynan, Gooding & Company Senior Specialist.

1998 RUF Turbo R

1998 RUF Turbo R at Gooding Amelia Island 2023
© Gooding

Introduced in 1998, the RUF Turbo R was based on the 993-generation Porsche 911 Turbo, distinguishing itself with a revised front bumper, more aerodynamic door mirrors, 18″ RUF five-spoke alloy wheels, sport seats, RUF green-hued gauges, and a signature RUF steering wheel. With a powerful six-speed manual transmission coupled with an all-wheel drive, the 1998 RUF Turbo R on offer here is finished in vibrant Porsche factory color Blutorange (POR 18), or Blood Orange, featuring a black leather and fabric interior with lightweight bucket seats and optioned with rear-seat delete. Per documentation on file, this Turbo R is one of approximately just 15 built by RUF and was delivered new to its first owner, Heinz-Jürgen Hartmann of Reiskirchen, Germany, in 1998. This example was later transferred to Swedish ownership before making its way to its third owner, who returned the car to the RUF factory for an extensive refreshening. This included upgrading the Turbo R to a specification more similar to the even higher-performing Turbo R Limited series from 2016, boasting newer technology and advancements introduced since the late 1990s. 

The comprehensive upgrade included installing new OEM headlamps and taillights, as well as adding redesigned CTR2 front and rear bumpers featuring extra venting slats. The original 18″ alloy wheels were replaced with larger 19″ RUF ones, and inside the car, the original seats were recovered, alongside new carpets and a RUF Classic sound system. Mechanical upgrades included a new Bilstein PSS10 adjustable coil-over suspension system and carbon ceramic brakes, while the engine was revised to an elevated 560 PS specification. Presented today in beautiful condition throughout with almost no visible wear and having a provenance of just four owners from new, this example clocks approximately 13,800 miles on the odometer.

1998 RUF Turbo R Cabriolet

1998 RUF Turbo R Cabriolet at Gooding Amelia Island 2023
© Gooding

Of the approximately 15 Turbo R vehicles manufactured by RUF, only one was bodied as a Cabriolet, and that sole example is on offer here. In a color combination that matches the collection’s Turbo R, this 1998 RUF Turbo R Cabriolet is finished in Blutorange, or Blood Orange, over black leather, and shows just 10,223 miles on the odometer.

Based on the 993-generation Porsche 911, this Turbo R Cabriolet is modified with RUF front facia with vents ahead of the front wheels, RUF-designed 18″ five-spoke alloy wheels, aerodynamic mirrors, sports seats, a RUF steering wheel, and RUF-branded VDO instrumentation. Additionally, this extremely rare and exclusive supercar is powered by a twin-turbocharged flat-six engine that produces 490 hp. To accommodate the Cabriolet’s body, RUF performed extensive chassis engineering during the design and build process.

According to its RUF Zertifikat, this sole Cabriolet was commissioned by VIP customer and RUF collector Colonel Mark Haselton of Alpharetta, Georgia; its second owner was esteemed Porsche and RUF collector Brent Martini, who had the car displayed at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles in 2021.

1997 RUF BTR2

1997 RUF BTR2 at Gooding Amelia Island 2023
© Gooding

The first model to ever be produced with a RUF serial number was the 1983 BTR, based on the G-series Porsche 911. In 1984, Road & Track magazine crowned the BTR the “World’s Fastest Car” due to its top speed of 190 mph and ability to achieve 0-60 mph in a mere 4.7 seconds.

Introduced over a decade later in 1994, the BTR2 was the successor to RUF’s first production car, based on the 993-generation Porsche 911. Distinguished by a reworked front bumper, a fixed “whale tail” rear spoiler, and an extra set of rear driving lights, the BTR2 boasted an overhauled engine which pushed 420 hp at a low 5,000 rpm, and achieved 0-60 mph in just 4.1 seconds, beating its predecessor’s speed.

Approximately 10 BTR2s are believed to have been constructed by the RUF factory, including this example, finished in Speed Yellow and bearing chassis number 001. This 1997 RUF BTR2 was delivered new to Japan in 1998, then shortly housed in the UK before being purchased by Andy Cohen of Beverly Hills, California, the founder of the well-known Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories company. Mr. Cohen had the BTR2 sent to Pfaffenhausen before export into the US, where the car was converted to US specification and its engine was fully serviced. The BTR2 passed through one other private collection before joining the consignor’s fleet and comes to auction in outstanding condition, showing less than 26,000 miles. 

2007 RUF RK Coupe at Gooding Amelia Island 2023

2007 RUF RK Coupe at Gooding Amelia Island 2023
© Gooding

Combining the very best of German engineering with Italian styling and refinement, the RK Coupe was born out of RUF’s collaboration with design house Studiotorino, signifying the only time the Pfaffenhausen manufacturer has ever turned to an external coachbuilder to body a car. The RK Coupe, which stands for “RUF KOMPRESSOR,” is an iteration of the RK Spyder, and is based on the Porsche Cayman modified with a compressor engine and mechanical turbocharger that produces 440 bhp.

Initially intended for a production run of 49 cars in total, only two RK Coupes were ever actually built: the prototype, housed in the Studiotorino museum in Italy, and this sole production example, on offer here by Gooding & Company. This one-off supercharged W09 RUF has only had two owners since new, and was acquired directly from its first and only German owner by the consignor.

Bearing a stylistic homage to vintage Porsches, the 2007 RUF RK Coupe comes finished in Marmograu, a color evoking similar hues to Porsche colors Heron Grey or Dolphin Grey. The interior features black leather upholstery with contrasting red stitching cloaked over lightweight carbon fiber bucket seats. This singular offering has never before been shown and displays just 6,642 miles on the odometer.

Amelia Island Classic Car Auctions 2023

1937 Talbot-Lago T150-C-SS Teardrop "Goutte d’Eau" Coupe
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